Zalakaros is one of the smallest cities of Hungary and is situated at the Western border of the Little-Balaton in the tourist area of Zala County, 20 air kilometres from Lake Balaton. From the point of view of accessibility the nearby main roads, the Sarmellek airport and the M7 highway that is currently under construction highlights the city’s positive location.

Written sources mentioned the settlement already in 1254, (Korus) thus it celebrated its 750 year anniversary last year, its present name has been used since 1908. With respect to order, cleanliness and public safety the city may be counted among the firsts, and it emanates a homely, serene atmosphere with its neat parks and green belt areas.

The surrounding vineyards, orchards and forests provide the city’s clear air and have a beneficial influence on its climate. The beautification, flowering, parking of the public squares, and the creation of public square works of art is an important task, thus Zalakaros worthily won the “most flowery city of Hungary” title in 2002 and the “flowery city of Europe” in 2003.

The city’s reviving was established by the 96 Celsius degree thermal water rich in minerals that was discovered in the course of an oil prospecting drilling in the early 60s.

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